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Sourdough Starter Kit

Sourdough Starter Kit

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BREADTOPIA - Sourdough Starter Kit

Everyone starts somewhere. And here we are, with decades of baking wisdom under our belt, sharing with you the creation of our very own Breadtopia sourdough starter kit. It has everything you need to begin your sourdough journey. For starters, we developed the perfect lid that allows in the precise amount of air required for your starter to thrive. There’s also an o-ring to mark your progress and a spatula for mixing and removal. Then it wouldn't be complete without our own hearty strain of Dry Sourdough Starter with instructions on how to prepare it for baking.

Includes: 700ml (~3 cup) glass jar, lid, o-ring, spatula and Breadtopia Dry Sourdough Starter and instructions.

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