Our Story


Welcome to Made To Gaze!  We're so glad you found us!  

In 2014 we bought a retail store that happened to come with an apparel decorating business.  Knowing very little about either, we jumped in with both feet!  My husband knew I'd always dreamed of having a little boutique and gift store.  The apparel decorating business was just the cherry on top we didn't know we wanted! 

Over the years we've found we love connecting and serving the community through t-shirts!  So when we got the opportunity to put some life back into a pretty cool main street building, we couldn't pass it up!  We're now able to lease the main floor to a spectacular woman who runs a gift store called The New Moon Mercantile. We run our apparel business on the second floor and my dad was able to move in his wood shop too!  It's a 3-for-1!

Our niche keeps changing as we get to know our customer, and I wouldn't have it any other way! We'll keep following God's lead and loving on our "people" we now get to call friends! So keep talking to us and sharing your ideas! We love it!

Truly Blessed,

Amber Trusler