Finding Room

Finding Room

Have you ever tried to stuff a suitcase full. You try putting clothes in flat. You try folding and rolling. When you still need more room, you turn to YouTube and Pinterest to search "best packing tips." And after all that, you end up right back where you started. Fold, stuff those socks in the corners, then push down on the top till the zipper comes together! 

We're pretty good at finding room for all of the stuff to jam into our suitcases, our cupboards, storage bins, and even finding room for all of those presents to fit under the Christmas tree! 

Now, how about finding room in your schedule? Have you treated your schedule like your suitcase? Decorate the house, put up the Christmas tree, search Pinterest for a new craft this year, bake the cookies, schedule all the get-togethers, shop for and wrap the presents, watch the new Christmas movies (which is a full-time job!). Don't forget, life is still happening. Work, feed the kids, laundry, cleaning, feed the kids, go to the games, bible study, and did I mention feed the kids?!?!

Is your suitcase full? Are you stuffed, trying to find room in the corners for your socks? Because socks, especially in the Midwest, are essential. If your toes are cold, your whole body is cold. And once you get cold, it takes some time to warm up. 

This Christmas season, let's unpack our suitcases. Let's really look at what we've shoved into our schedule. And before putting anything back in, let's make sure the most important thing goes in first. Time with Jesus. Because the thing about having precious time with Him first is He'll help you pack the rest, so that YOU can REST in HIM! 

Love to you & yours this Christmas!



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