Breathing Room

Breathing Room

Do any of you set New Year's Goals? 

I typically don't, but I do try to evaluate where we're at. What got away from me last year? What did I enjoy? What just plain stressed me out?

I do, however, ask God for a theme each year. I know a lot of people will get a "word" from God for the year. I think he knows I talk too much and can't ever keep things to one word. ;) The last couple years have been about creating rhythms and finding His perfect peace. This year, He's speaking to me about "Breathing Room." 

This theme took me a couple weeks to realize, and started with a desire to declutter my house. After 7 years running Made To Gaze, time to clean had been pushed under the rug, and the "stuff everywhere" started to feel suffocating. So, my sweet mama has been at my house helping me sort, organize, and toss! (Get ready for a garage sale near you!)

I had started a  YouVersion devotion called Breathing Room by Sandra Stanley, and the more I read I began to realize as I decluttered, God was speaking to me. I started asking myself, "Did I create breathing room in this closet, in this cabinet, in this drawer? I began to know when I was done with an area if I could answer that question with a confident "yes."

As I was cleaning my house I would ask myself, "Does the cupboard/closet/drawer still feel full, or did I create enough breathing room to add or change things later?" Eventually it turned into how I was setting my schedule. Did I create breathing room so that I'm not constantly going from one thing to the next during my day, setting impossible expectations for myself? Revamping our budget, are we creating enough breathing room, or freedom in our finances so God can use us to bless others.

God put into words how I was feeling in my heart, before I ever knew I needed him to. I'm doing my best to create a little more "breathing room" for myself and my family. And praying it allows me to take a deep breath everyday and exhale with a heart of gratitude. Praying the same for you, friend!

- Amber


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